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What's in your air?

@Home, expect to find chemicals from the outgassing of construction materials, ozone damage, and intrusion from the soil below:

  • Formaldehyde and related aldehydes - carcinogen and severe irritants

  • Isocyanates - asthma in children

  • Radon and vinyl chloride - carcinogens

Engineered wood products

used in the construction of RV's, manufactured homes, cabinetry/furniture etc are well known to release formaldehyde vapor. Formaldehyde and related aldehydes can also be produced by the reaction of materials made with vegetable oils and synthetic rubber with ambient ozone. These chemicals are not only carcinogenic, but severe irritants producing symptoms of a head cold not long after exposure, spoiling many vacations in new RVs.

Air by CC2 Inc

is developing affordable products to detect and remove these toxic vapors from indoor air, so that we can all live healthier lives.